Pub and Bar Refurbishments: Attracting Customers with ABM Catering for Leisure


Pub and Bar Refurbishments: Attracting Customers with ABM Catering for Leisure

In the increasingly competitive landscape of the catering, leisure, and licensed trade sectors, it is essential for pub and bar operators to consider refurbishment strategies that can help maximise their establishments’ appeal and customer retention.

An inviting and well-designed environment sets the stage for an enjoyable customer experience, contributing to brand loyalty and repeat patronage. By incorporating strategic design elements, state-of-the-art equipment, bespoke furniture, and attractive fixtures, your pub or bar can become a go-to destination for customers seeking a unique and enjoyable experience.

In this informative blog, we will delve into various pub and bar refurbishment strategies to create a welcoming and appealing atmosphere, covering aspects such as space planning, lighting design, furniture selection, and decorative elements. By understanding the importance of a cohesive and well-executed refurbishment strategy, you can elevate your establishment’s visual appeal, customer satisfaction, and overall success.

Pub and Bar Refurbishments: Attracting Customers with ABM Catering for Leisure

Space Planning – Maximising Functionality and Flow

Careful space planning is essential for pubs and bars to ensure optimal functionality and customer flow. Considering the layout and arrangement of furniture, equipment, and amenities can vastly improve the overall atmosphere and experience for your patrons. By analysing customer pathways and allocating designated areas for different activities, you can create an environment that is welcoming and navigable.

Key elements to consider in space planning:

1. Zone allocation: Divide your pub or bar space into specific zones, such as dining, drinking, and entertainment areas. Use barriers or screens to create separation while still maintaining a sense of cohesion.

2. Customer pathways: Facilitate smooth movement for patrons by ensuring clear walkways and easy access to key amenities, such as bars, restrooms, and entrances.

3. Flexibility: Incorporate versatile seating arrangements that can be adjusted according to customer demands, enabling you to maximise your space’s potential and accommodate different group sizes.

Lighting Design – Setting the Mood and Ambience

Lighting plays a vital role in shaping the overall mood and ambience of your pub or bar. The right illumination can dramatically enhance the customer experience, making your establishment more inviting and comfortable. Striking the perfect balance between functional and atmospheric lighting is crucial, as it allows you to create a versatile and pleasant environment that suits various occasions and customer preferences.

Key aspects of lighting design:

1. Layering: Combine different types of lighting, such as ambient, task, and accent, to create a well-rounded and visually appealing scene.

2. Dimmable controls: Install dimmer switches or automated lighting controls to easily adjust the brightness and atmosphere according to the time of day or specific events.

3. Decorative fixtures: Use decorative lighting elements, such as pendant lights and wall sconces, to add visual interest and character to your pub or bar’s interior design.

Furniture Selection – Comfort and Style

A careful and strategic selection of furniture is central to a successful pub or bar refurbishment. Prioritising comfort, style, and durability can boost customer satisfaction and encourage patrons to return. Moreover, customised furniture and upholstery can add a unique touch to your establishment, distinguishing it from competitors.

Factors to prioritise in furniture selection:

1. Comfort: Provide your customers with comfortable seating options, such as upholstered chairs, cushioned bar stools, and supportive benches, to encourage longer stays and increased satisfaction.

2. Material quality: Select high-quality materials that can withstand constant usage, such as robust wooden furniture, easy-to-clean fabrics, and durable metal frames.

3. Bespoke options: Partner with ABM Catering for Leisure for tailor-made furniture and upholstery that seamlessly fits your pub or bar’s aesthetic, ensuring a distinctive and cohesive design.

Decorative Elements – Enhancing Your Pub or Bar’s Character

Incorporating engaging and attractive decorative elements into your pub or bar’s refurbishment can significantly contribute to its overall charm and authenticity. By integrating innovative design features that reflect your establishment’s unique personality and theme, you can create a memorable atmosphere that customers want to return to.

Ideas for decorative elements:

1. Wall art and murals: Adorn your walls with eye-catching artwork, photographs, or murals that tell a story about your pub or bar’s history or unique concept.

2. Signage and branding: Creative signage and logos can help solidify your brand identity, making your establishment recognisable and memorable.

3. Decorative accessories: Use plants, mirrors, vintage items, or other decorative accessories to add layers of personality and charm to your space, fostering a welcoming and harmonious environment.

Final Thoughts

Undertaking a well-planned pub or bar refurbishment can not only revitalise your establishment but also bolster its reputation and attractiveness to prospective customers.

By partnering with ABM Catering for Leisure, you can avail of comprehensive support that includes equipment, bar fixtures, contract furniture, and bespoke options crafted specifically for your unique needs. With our expertise and resources, you can be confident in creating an engaging and vibrant environment that leaves a lasting impression on your patrons.

Invest in the future success of your pub or bar with the help of ABM Catering for Leisure. Our commitment to delivering tailored solutions ensures your establishment achieves its full potential, driving customer satisfaction and thriving in the competitive leisure and licensed trade sectors. Contact our commercial kitchen installers to get started today!

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