Enhancing Your Catering Services with Custom-Built Bars from ABM Catering for Leisure


Enhancing Your Catering Services with Custom-Built Bars from ABM Catering for Leisure

A well-crafted and visually appealing bar area is not only a key focal point for your establishment but also plays a critical role in optimising the efficiency and quality of your catering and beverage services. Custom-built bars, designed to cater to your specific clientele, layout, and operational requirements, elevate the aesthetics and functionality of your venue while boosting customer satisfaction and overall appeal. In the ever-evolving catering, leisure, and licensed trade landscape, investing in bespoke bar solutions from a reputable and experienced provider sets your establishment apart from the competition and drives business success.

In this guide, we will discuss the advantages of custom-built bars and explore essential factors to consider when investing in tailor-made solutions, such as design principles, material selection, and ergonomics. We will also highlight the expertise and resources available from ABM Catering for Leisure, demonstrating our commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and seamless project execution. As a provider of comprehensive services, including design, specification, supply, and installation of catering equipment, bar fixtures, and contract furniture, as well as the production of bespoke furniture and upholstery in our in-house workshop, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional results tailored to your unique requirements and vision.

By aligning your establishment with us, you can benefit from our extensive industry knowledge, dedicated customer support, and state-of-the-art custom-built bar solutions, ensuring that your catering, leisure, or licensed trade venue achieves new heights of style, functionality, and customer appeal.

The Importance of Design Principles

A custom-built bar’s design is an essential element to consider as it not only defines the aesthetics of your establishment but also impacts the efficiency and functionality of the bar area. By focusing on design principles, you can create a visually appealing bar that meets your operational needs and encourages positive customer interactions.

Key design principles to consider:

1. Theme and style: Determine the desired theme or style for your bar area and ensure that it complements the overall ambience and decor of your establishment, creating a consistent and harmonious look.

2. Bar layout and configuration: Strategically plan your bar’s layout to facilitate ease of movement for staff, minimise congestion, and maximise customer comfort.

3. Storage and display: Incorporate sufficient storage and display options to showcase your beverage offerings while maintaining a clean and organised workspace for your employees.

Material Selection and Specifications

Choosing the right materials and fixtures for your custom-built bar is crucial in creating a durable, visually attractive, and easy-to-maintain space. By carefully selecting materials for the bar surface, supporting structure, and other components, you can ensure the longevity and performance of your investment.

Essential factors in material selection:

1. Durability and resistance: Select materials that are resistant to wear and tear, such as water, heat, and damage from frequent use, ensuring that your bar maintains its appearance even under high-use conditions.

2. Ease of maintenance: Opt for materials that are easy to clean and maintain, such as stainless steel, quartz, or solid surface countertops, to ensure a hygienic and presentable workspace.

3. Aesthetics and identity: Choose materials and finishes that align with the desired look and feel of your establishment, conveying your brand identity and creating visual interest within the space.

Ergonomics and Functionality

A custom-built bar should strike the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. By incorporating ergonomic considerations into the design, you can create a comfortable and efficient workspace for your staff while promoting a smooth customer experience.

Tips for improving ergonomics in your custom-built bar:

1. Adequate work surface and height: Ensure that your bar’s work surface provides sufficient space for employees to carry out their tasks comfortably, with a suitable height to minimise strain during extended periods of standing.

2. Placement of appliances and equipment: Strategically position equipment, such as ice machines and glassware storage, to enable quick access for staff and reduce unnecessary movements.

3. Footrests and seating: For establishments incorporating bar seating, provide footrests and comfortable seating options that cater to the needs of your clientele, encouraging a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Successful Collaboration with ABM Catering for Leisure

By partnering with us for your custom-built bar project, you can leverage our industry expertise and comprehensive service offerings to streamline the process and ensure exceptional results.

Benefits of partnering with ABM Catering for Leisure:

1. Expert guidance and support: Benefit from our wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge gained from numerous successful projects, ensuring a smooth and efficient process from design to installation.

2. Comprehensive services: As a one-stop-shop for catering services, we provide everything you need, from design and specification to supply and installation of catering equipment, bar fixtures, and contract furniture, as well as bespoke furniture and upholstery production in our in-house workshop.

3. Uncompromising quality and craftsmanship: Trust in our commitment to delivering the highest quality products and craftsmanship, guaranteeing a custom-built bar that stands the test of time and exceeds your expectations.


Investing in a custom-built bar is a strategic move that enhances your catering, leisure, or licensed trade establishment’s appeal, functionality, and overall success. By focusing on design principles, material selection, ergonomics, and collaborating with a trusted partner, you can create a visually stunning and efficient bar area that will delight your customers and leave a lasting impression.

Choose ABM Catering for Leisure as your go-to provider for custom-built bar solutions. With our expertise, resources, and dedication to customer satisfaction, your establishment is poised to reap the benefits of an exceptional bar space that helps you stand out in the competitive catering industry.

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