Maximising Outdoor Spaces for Catering, Leisure, and Licensed Trade Establishments

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Maximising Outdoor Spaces for Catering, Leisure, and Licensed Trade Establishments

In recent years, the importance and appeal of outdoor spaces in catering, leisure, and licensed trade establishments have grown exponentially. As customers increasingly value al fresco dining experiences and businesses adapt to accommodate these preferences, maximising and enhancing your outdoor area is crucial for thriving in today’s competitive market. At ABM Catering for Leisure, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive services, including the design, specification, supply, and installation of catering equipment, bar fixtures, and contract furniture. Our “in-house” workshop allows us to produce bespoke furniture and upholstery that aligns perfectly with your establishment’s outdoor aesthetic.

In this blog post, we will delve into various strategies and design aspects that can help transform your establishment’s outdoor space into an enticing and functional area, catering to the diverse needs of your clientele. We will explore key considerations such as seating arrangements, lighting design, weather protection, and heating solutions, as well as the benefits they impart on customer satisfaction and overall ambience. Additionally, we will demonstrate how ABM Catering’s expertise, craftsmanship, and commitment to excellence can support you in achieving your unique vision for your outdoor space.

Revolutionising your establishment’s outdoor area can significantly impact your business, attracting customers, increasing revenue, and adapting to the ever-shifting landscape of the catering, leisure, and licensed trade sectors. By leveraging ABM Catering’s wide array of services and industry knowledge, you can create a tailored, thoughtfully designed outdoor space that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of today’s discerning clientele. Join us as we explore the exciting world of outdoor space optimisation, uncovering the methodologies and design principles that can elevate your establishment to new heights of success and customer satisfaction.

Flexible and Comfortable Seating Arrangements

A critical aspect of an inviting outdoor space is the provision of seating options that cater to diverse customer needs, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Key elements to consider for outdoor seating arrangements:

1. Variety and adaptability: Offer a mix of seating options, including tables, benches, and sofas, allowing customers to choose seating configurations that accommodate their preferences and group size.

2. Material and quality: Opt for durable, weather-resistant materials that can withstand the elements, ensuring your outdoor furniture lasts longer and remains visually appealing.

3. Bespoke designs: Utilise ABM Catering’s in-house workshop to create custom-built furniture and upholstery that perfectly complements your establishment’s aesthetic, functional requirements and budget.

Effective Lighting Design

Thoughtful, strategic lighting design can create a warm and inviting atmosphere, encouraging customers to spend more time in your outdoor space.

Illuminating ideas for your outdoor lighting design:

1. Layered lighting: Opt for a mix of ambient, task, and accent lighting to cater to different customer needs while enhancing the overall mood.

2. Energy-efficient solutions: Choose energy-saving LED lights and incorporate solar-powered lighting options where possible to reduce your establishment’s environmental impact and save on energy costs.

3. Safety first: Ensure pathways, entrances, and exits are adequately lit, enhancing visibility and safety for both customers and staff.

Weather-Protection Solutions

By implementing weather-protection solutions, you can extend the use of your outdoor space throughout the year, maximising revenue opportunities and customer satisfaction.

Consider these weather-protection options:

1. Canopies and awnings: Install retractable canopies or awnings to provide shelter from rain or sun, creating a versatile space that adapts to changing weather conditions.

2. Parasols and umbrellas: Offer portable parasols or umbrellas that customers can use as needed, allowing them to control their level of sun or rain protection.

3. Windbreaks and screening: Implement windbreaks or screening to shield your outdoor space from harsh winds, while also enhancing privacy and creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

Heating Solutions for Year-round Comfort

Keep your customers comfortable during cool evenings or the colder months by incorporating effective heating solutions that provide warmth and create a welcoming environment.

Tips for selecting the right outdoor heating solution:

1. Size and layout: Consider the size and layout of your outdoor space when selecting heating options. Ensure adequate coverage and warmth for all seating areas without overpowering the space.

2. Energy efficiency: Opt for energy-efficient heaters such as infrared or electric models, reducing energy consumption and operating costs.

3. Style and aesthetics: Choose heating solutions that seamlessly blend with your establishment’s design and aesthetic, whether free-standing, tabletop, or wall-mounted heaters.


Transforming your catering, leisure, or licensed trade establishment’s outdoor space into a beautiful, welcoming, and functional area is an essential aspect of delivering exceptional customer experiences and maximising business opportunities. By focusing on seating arrangements, lighting design, weather protection, and heating solutions, you can create an environment that entices customers, ensures their comfort, and encourages them to return.

Partnering with ABM Catering for Leisure ensures you receive expert advice, tailored services, and bespoke furniture design that aligns with your establishment’s aesthetic, functionality, and budget requirements. Entrust ABM Catering with the responsibility of bringing your outdoor space to life, leveraging their commitment to excellence in every commercial catering installation to achieve your outdoor space goals.

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