Outdoor Dining Elegance: Designing a Stunning Restaurant Terrace

Restaurant Terrace

With the growing popularity of alfresco dining experiences, creating a beautifully designed and comfortable restaurant terrace is essential for attracting clientele and bolstering business success. A well-executed terrace not only expands your overall seating capacity but also provides customers with an opportunity to savour their meals in a picturesque outdoor setting. At ABM Catering for Leisure, we take pride in our ability to deliver comprehensive services to the catering, leisure, and licensed trade industries, encompassing design, specification, supply, and installation of catering equipment, bar fixtures, and contract furniture. Our in-house workshop further enhances our offering by producing bespoke furniture and upholstery, tailored to each unique project.

In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of designing an elegant and inviting restaurant terrace, which seamlessly blends functionality and aesthetic charm. From selecting weather-resistant furniture and enhancing privacy to incorporating efficient layouts and investing in eye-catching décor, we will provide expert insights and practical tips to help you create a memorable outdoor dining experience. Additionally, we will discuss how partnering with ABM Catering for Leisure can simplify the design process and ensure your desired outcome is achieved, positioning your establishment as a top-tier dining destination.

Selecting Weather-Resistant Furniture and Materials

When designing a restaurant terrace, it is crucial to choose furniture and materials that can withstand outdoor conditions, prolonging their lifespan and maintaining their aesthetic appeal. Selecting weather-resistant furniture also ensures that your customers’ dining experience will remain consistent in terms of comfort and visual appeal, regardless of the elements.

Key factors in selecting weather-resistant furniture include:

1. Durability: Opt for furniture constructed from materials with high durability, such as wrought iron, aluminium, or teak, which can withstand the impact of rain, sunlight, and fluctuating temperatures.

2. Maintenance requirements: Choose furniture with low-maintenance materials that are easy to clean and resistant to common outdoor issues, such as rust, mildew, or fading.

3. Comfort: Select comfortable seating options, with cushions and upholstery made from weather-resistant fabrics, to provide a comfortable and enjoyable dining experience for your patrons.

Enhancing Privacy and Creating Ambiance

An intimate and charming atmosphere is vital for an elevated outdoor dining experience. Enhancing privacy and creating an inviting ambiance for your restaurant terrace can entice customers to linger longer and return for future visits.

Consider the following solutions for creating ambiance and privacy on your terrace:

1. Fencing and screening: Install attractive fencing, trellises, or planters to create natural boundaries and separate the terrace from adjacent areas or walkways, while also adding to the visual appeal.

2. Lighting: Utilise subtle and strategically placed outdoor lighting to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Layering your lighting through the use of wall sconces, string lights, and lanterns can help set the desired mood for your terrace.

3. Greenery: Introduce plants and greenery to your terrace design, taking advantage of vertical garden installations or potted arrangements, to create a sense of seclusion and tranquillity.

Efficient Layouts for Ease of Use and Customer Comfort

A well-thought-out layout is essential for creating a functional and comfortable restaurant terrace. Consider the flow of traffic, both for your customers and staff, and ensure that dining areas are arranged to accommodate different group sizes and preferences.

Design your terrace layout with the following factors in mind:

1. Accessibility: Ensure that entryways, walkways, and seating areas are easily accessible, allowing patrons and staff to navigate the terrace comfortably without obstruction.

2. Flexibility: Arrange furniture in a modular fashion, allowing for easy reconfiguration, to accommodate various group sizes and dining occasions.

3. Optimising capacity: Maximise seating capacity without overcrowding the area, striking a balance between a lively atmosphere and a comfortable dining experience.

Investing in Eye-Catching Décor and Personal Touches

Incorporating eye-catching décor and personal touches can significantly enhance the overall aesthetic of your restaurant terrace, creating an unforgettable dining experience for your patrons. Unique and thoughtful design elements can set your establishment apart from your competitors and create a sense of exclusivity and charm.

Ideas for incorporating eye-catching décor and personal touches include:

1. Custom upholstery and cushions: Collaborate with ABM Catering for Leisure’s in-house workshop to create bespoke upholstery and cushions that reflect your brand’s identity, adding visual interest and a unique touch.

2. Signature design elements: Incorporate distinctive design features, such as custom murals, water features, or sculptural installations, to make your terrace stand out and create memorable focal points.

3. Thematic consistency: Ensure that the terrace design aligns with your indoor dining area’s style and branding, creating a seamless transition and reinforcing your identity throughout the entire establishment.


Designing a stunning and inviting restaurant terrace is crucial for making a lasting impression on your customers and maximising your establishment’s appeal. By concentrating on selecting weather-resistant furniture, enhancing privacy, creating ambiance, implementing efficient layouts, and investing in eye-catching décor, you can craft a sophisticated and comfortable outdoor dining experience that both delights and retains patrons.

Partner with ABM Catering for Leisure to bring your vision of the perfect restaurant terrace to life. Our comprehensive services cover every aspect of design, from consultation to installation, ensuring you receive expert guidance, unmatched support, and high-quality products tailored to your unique requirements. Trust ABM Catering for Leisure, professional restaurant installers to assist you in elevating your outdoor dining experience, cultivating a stylish and unforgettable haven for your customers to enjoy.

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