Refurbishing Your Pub: A Comprehensive Guide with ABM Catering


Refurbishing Your Pub: A Comprehensive Guide with ABM Catering

Refurbishing your pub is an excellent way to revitalise your business, giving your establishment a fresh and enticing new look that can attract and retain customers. However, undertaking a pub refurbishment project can be a complicated and daunting endeavour without proper guidance and support. At ABM Catering for Leisure, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive services to the catering, leisure, and licensed trade industries, encompassing design, specification, supply, installation, and custom furniture production. Our expertise ensures that we can guide you through every stage of the refurbishment process and help you breathe new life into your pub.

In this blog post, we will delve into the essential aspects of pub refurbishment, covering strategic planning, selecting the right equipment and furnishings, implementing innovative design elements, and creating a unique and enjoyable customer experience. Through examining various factors of the refurbishment process, we will explore how partnering with ABM Catering can save time, avoid pitfalls, and ensure an exceptional result that elevates your pub’s appeal and customer satisfaction.

Join us as we explore the intricacies of pub refurbishment, providing invaluable insights, expert tips, and innovative solutions to help you create a revitalised and thriving establishment. Discover how ABM Catering’s wealth of experience and comprehensive services can support you in achieving the perfect balance of style, functionality, and customer appeal, ensuring a seamless and rewarding refurbishment journey.

Refurbishing Your Pub: A Comprehensive Guide with ABM Catering

Strategic Planning for a Successful Refurbishment

Effective planning is critical to the success of your pub refurbishment. By establishing clear objectives, creating a realistic budget, and evaluating the required changes, you set the foundation for a well-executed renovation that meets the needs of your business and patrons.

Key elements of strategic planning include:

1. Identifying Objectives: Determine the primary goals of your refurbishment, such as improving the pub’s aesthetics, increasing seating capacity, or enhancing customer experience.

2. Budgeting: Establish a budget that accounts for design, materials, equipment, and construction costs, ensuring that your investment delivers the desired outcome.

3. Evaluating Requirements: Assess the necessary changes to your pub’s layout, fixtures, furnishings, and equipment, enabling you to focus on crucial aspects of the refurbishment.

Selecting the Right Equipment and Furnishings

Investing in high-quality and functional equipment and furnishings ensures that your refurbished pub operates efficiently and meets the expectations of modern customers. By prioritising comfort, functionality, and durability, you create a lasting and enjoyable experience for your patrons.

Things to consider when selecting equipment and furnishings:

1. Catering Equipment: Choose reliable, energy-efficient cooking and refrigeration appliances that meet your pub’s specific needs and requirements.

2. Bar Fixtures: Opt for durable and practical bar fixtures that facilitate efficient and seamless drink service.

3. Seating and Tables: Partner with ABM Catering’s in-house workshop to design bespoke furniture, ensuring comfortable and stylish seating solutions that reflect your pub’s unique character.

Implementing Innovative Design Elements

A successful pub refurbishment relies on innovative design elements that captivate customers and enhance their experience. By incorporating striking visuals, modern features, and a cohesive design scheme, you can elevate your pub’s environment and boost customer satisfaction.

Innovative design elements to consider:

1. Lighting: Use a combination of ambient, accent, and task lighting to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that highlights key areas of your pub.

2. Branding: Reinforce your pub’s identity by integrating your logo and brand colours into the design scheme, creating a consistent and memorable visual experience.

3. Focal points: Establish visually engaging focal points, such as statement art pieces, fireplaces, or feature walls, to create intriguing conversation starters for your patrons.

Enhancing the Customer Experience

Ultimately, the goal of your pub refurbishment is to improve the customer experience. By focusing on aspects such as accessibility, flexibility, and entertainment options, you ensure that your refreshed pub caters to a wide range of customers and fosters loyalty.

Steps to enhance the customer experience:

1. Accessibility: Ensure that your refurbished pub is accessible to all patrons, including wheelchair users and people with disabilities.

2. Flexible Seating Arrangements: Offer a variety of seating options, such as private booths, communal tables, and outdoor areas, allowing customers to choose their preferred setting.

3. Entertainment Options: Cater to diverse preferences by providing entertainment options such as live music, pub quizzes, or sports screenings, offering an enjoyable experience for all patrons.


Embarking on a pub refurbishment journey is an exciting opportunity to revitalise your establishment and enhance its appeal to new and existing customers. By following this comprehensive guide and focusing on strategic planning, equipment and furnishings, innovative design elements, and customer experience, you can execute a successful and rewarding renovation.

Collaborate with ABM Catering for Leisure to ensure a seamless and stress-free pub refurbishment process. Our comprehensive services, spanning design consultation, bespoke furniture production, and supply and installation of equipment and bar fixtures, guarantee an outstanding result that meets your unique vision.

Trust ABM Catering for Leisure’s expert pub and restaurant installers to help you create a revitalised and inviting pub that bolsters customer satisfaction and sets your establishment apart from the competition.

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