The Art of Bar Ergonomics: Achieving Efficiency with ABM Catering


The Art of Bar Ergonomics: Achieving Efficiency with ABM Catering

In the catering, leisure, and licensed trade industries, having a truly efficient and well-designed bar is crucial in providing exceptional service and an enjoyable experience for your customers. One critical aspect of effective bar design is ergonomics; creating a space that maximises productivity, reduces staff fatigue, and enhances safety. At ABM Catering for Leisure, we pride ourselves in offering comprehensive services to the catering, leisure, and licensed trade sectors that include design, specification, supply, and installation of catering equipment, bar fixtures, and contract furniture. Our in-house workshop allows us to produce bespoke furniture and upholstery, tailoring your bar design to meet your specific requirements and maximise ergonomic efficiency.

In this blog post, we will explore the importance of bar ergonomics, examining factors such as layout, equipment placement, and furniture selection, all contributing to a well-designed and functional bar. By focusing on ergonomic principles, you can create a high-performing establishment that ensures smooth workflow, minimises staff strain, and delivers an outstanding customer experience. We will also showcase how ABM Catering’s wealth of experience and comprehensive services can support you in achieving the perfect balance of style, comfort, and efficiency in your bar design.

Designing a bar with optimal ergonomics is essential for meeting the ever-increasing demands of today’s customers and maintaining a thriving business. By partnering with experts like ABM Catering, you can ensure that every aspect of your bar design is considered, resulting in a seamless, aesthetically pleasing, and highly functional space that elevates both staff experience and customer satisfaction.

Join us as we delve into the world of bar ergonomics, offering key insights, professional guidance, and practical solutions crucial for achieving an efficient and well-designed bar. Learn how ABM Catering’s expertise and services can help you transform your establishment into a highly functional and visually appealing space, ensuring a memorable experience for your customers and a productive environment for your staff.

The Role of Layout in Bar Ergonomics

A meticulously planned layout is integral to achieving optimal ergonomics in your bar design. Your layout should promote smooth workflow, minimise staff movement, and accommodate your establishment’s unique needs.

Key principles to consider when designing your bar layout:

1. Workflow efficiency: Arrange your bar elements, such as glassware storage, drink preparation stations, and service points, to promote a seamless flow of movement between tasks, minimising staff steps and enhancing productivity.

2. Bottleneck prevention: Identify potential bottlenecks and design your layout to prevent congested areas that may hinder staff movement, ensuring efficient service and customer satisfaction.

3. Flexibility: Ensure your layout is adaptable, allowing for adjustments in response to changes in customer demand or alterations in your establishment’s offerings.

Strategic Equipment Placement and Selection

The careful placement and selection of bar equipment contribute significantly to an ergonomic bar design. Choosing the right equipment for your bar and properly positioning it can improve staff efficiency and satisfaction.

Essential factors when selecting and positioning your bar equipment:

1. Work stations: Designate specific work stations for tasks such as drink mixing, glass washing, and garnish preparation to avoid overlap and promote efficiency.

2. Equipment accessibility: Strategically place frequently used equipment and supplies within easy reach, minimising staff strain and enhancing speed of service.

3. Space-saving solutions: Opt for space-saving equipment, such as compact refrigeration units or under-counter storage, to maximise available space and create a clutter-free bar environment.

Choosing Ergonomic Furniture and Fixtures

Investing in ergonomic bar furniture and fixtures ensures that your staff and patrons enjoy a comfortable and stylish experience. Prioritise functionality and durability in your furniture and fixtures to create a lasting and appealing aesthetic.

Fundamental considerations when selecting bar furniture and fixtures:

1. Chair and stool designs: Choose comfortable and supportive seating options that promote good posture and minimise fatigue for your staff and customers.

2. Work surfaces: Opt for high-quality and easy-to-clean work surfaces, such as stainless steel or resin, which are both durable and suitable for various tasks within the bar environment.

3. Bespoke furnishings: Collaborate with ABM Catering’s in-house workshop to create customised furniture and fixtures that precisely suit your unique space and ergonomic requirements.

Fostering a Safe and Comfortable Environment

A vital component of bar ergonomics is ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for your staff and patrons. Addressing potential hazards and implementing comfort-enhancing solutions contribute to an efficient and enjoyable bar experience.

Safety and comfort considerations for your bar:

1. Slip-resistant flooring: Install slip-resistant flooring materials, particularly in wet or spill-prone areas, to minimise the risk of accidents and ensure staff and customer safety.

2. Acoustic design: Implement sound-absorbing materials and design features, such as upholstered furniture, acoustic panels, or soft furnishings, to create a pleasant atmosphere with balanced noise levels.

3. Adequate ventilation: Efficient ventilation systems or strategically placed windows and doors can improve air quality and temperature while reducing excessive humidity and odours.


Creating a bar with optimal ergonomics is of paramount importance in the catering, leisure, and licensed trade industries, enabling businesses to thrive in an increasingly competitive environment. By concentrating on aspects such as layout, equipment placement and selection, ergonomic furniture and fixtures, and a safe and comfortable environment, you can craft a highly efficient and visually stunning bar that will delight both your staff and customers.

Trust the expertise and comprehensive services of ABM Catering for Leisure in guiding you through the process of ergonomic bar design. From design consultation and custom furniture production to equipment supply and installation, our commitment to excellence ensures a seamless and rewarding experience for you and your team.

Achieve the perfect balance of style, functionality, and efficiency in your bar by partnering with the professional kitchen installers from ABM Catering. Together, we will create an establishment that excels in customer satisfaction, productivity, and overall success in the bustling world of catering, leisure, and licensed trade industries.

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